I. Network Managed Services – Scope of Work

  1. Network Devices (Firewall/Switches/Routers/Wireless)


II. Server Managed Services – Scope of Work

  1. Windows Server
    • Patch Management
    • Backup Management
    • Active Directory Management
    • DNS Management
    • DHCP Management
    • Printer Management
    • Antivirus Management
    • Exchange Server Management
    • SQL Server Management
  2. Linux Server
    • Backup Management
  3. Cloud Services

    • Azure
    • Amazon Web Services
  4. Virtualization
    • VMWare
    • Hyper-V
  5. VoIP


III. Preventive Maintenance

  1. Preventive maintenance for Network Devices
    • Logs verification
    • Backup checks
    • Software updates
    • Connectivity status
    • Security
    • Redundancy checks
  2. Preventive maintenance for Linux Servers
  3. Preventive maintenance for Windows Servers
    These maintenance activities will ensure that the performance of the Server is optimal and maximum output is obtained from these Servers.

    • Server security
  4. Periodical security checks will be performed by the team to ensure that the Server infrastructure is completely secure. The following activity will be performed as part of the security checks:

  5. Preventive maintenance for Desktops
    • Disk utilization checks and clean-up
    • Event viewer logs verification
    • Backup checks
    • Antivirus checks
    • Windows updates
    • Applications status


IV. Monthly Reports

  1. Network devices
  2. Windows Servers
  3. Linux Servers
  4. Desktop devices

Monthly report shall also contains the below mentioned details;

  • Ticket analysis details
  • Tickets received per device for the previous month
  • Tickets closed/resolved per device for the previous month
  • Tickets open per device from the previous month
  • SLA report
  • Health status report of devices
  • Availability (tracker) report for the previous month